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FDCI Announces Dates For India Couture Week 2019

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) on Saturday announced that the 12th edition of India Couture Week (ICW) will take place...

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Tech Capital to hold its 4th edition of the Bangalore Times Fashion Week

The tech capital of the country is all set to host the 4th edition of the Bangalore Times Fashion Week From June 1 to 2, the Bangalore...

  • Fashion Weeks

A big cheers to the first edition of Gurugram International Fashion Week

Gurugram has arrived! The technology hub of India is not new in hosting events and global conferences for technology. But now it’s time for the...

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Top 5 Women Fashion Designers In India

The fashion industry is no more male-dominated. Several women designers have emerged and have successfully left their mark in fashion design...

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Sleeves This Spring to Look Forward Spring Summer Fashion 2018

It is springtime waving goodbye to the chilly winter months. It is also the time to reshuffle one’s wardrobe collection. It is time for some sma...

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Dolce & Gabbana Takes Fashion Technology To The Next Level

It is hard to tell if technocrats around the world are obsessed with fashion or the fashion world is obsessed with technology. Look at three of the wo...

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Arab Fashion Week

1.) Overturning decades of human rights violations and orthodox policies on arts and entertainment, Saudi Arabia is set to host its first-ever Arab Fa...

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