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Popular Myths About Facial Oils

Right from our pimpled adolescent years we are taught that oil is the enemy and we need to keep it in check with harsh astringents and scrubs and othe...

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Unflattering Beauty Trends Of All The Time

Every day on social media we find new viral beauty trends, and you might think to try a few of them. In case you have decided to try some of them you...

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How To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day

All of us are eager to keep up a perfect makeup look and due to the unbearable heat and humidity, all your efforts vanish away gradually. The thing of...

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Homemade Night Creams For Flawless Skin

Selecting a night cream that suits your skin type can be challenging! Night creams available in the market cater to one particular issue. For instance...

  • Make Up

Homemade Face Packs With Milk

Every woman likes to maintain their facial skin every day. You can enhance the beauty of the facial skin not only my makeup but also with available in...

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Hide Your Pimples With Makeup

Pimples are one of the problems faced by most of the men and women. Pimples or blemishes or acne gives loss of beauty to the face of the person. It ta...

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Eye Make Up For A Round Shape Face

There is a well known saying “Eyes are the windows of women’s heart”. If the windows through which the heart is seen are not worthy...

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Effective Use Of Water In Makeup

Water is considered a savior of man. Water is considered as the liquid oxygen for promoting the existence of human lives on this earth. Water has nume...

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