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The plaid shirt is a fashion staple and has its own place in everyone’s wardrobe. Perfect for casual wear, plaid shirts are usually associated with lumberjacks and 90s grunge kids, but they are as much relevant in today’s fashion regime as they were back in ’90s.


Casual Style of wearing a plaid shirt
Denims with a plaid shirt
Wearing plaid shirt in a layering Style

Cardigan, Jackets, and Plaids
Suits and Plaids, complete formal look


They give you a smart, funky, and neat look and go with almost every type of bottom. There are several ways to put on your plaid shirt to create different looks for different occasions. From super casual to formal, its versatility helps it fit in every type of wardrobe.

So, let’s have a look at the ways you can put on your plaid shirt:

  • Casual Style of wearing a plaid shirt

Plaid shirts are mostly worn for a casual off-duty look. In casual clothing styles, plaid shirts of deeper hues like, red, blue, black, green or maroon are more popular. Wear your oversized plaid shirt with skinny distressed jeans for an informal, laid-back style. Or, simply wear your plaid shirt over denim shorts for an everyday casual look in summer.


  • Denims with a plaid shirt

Plaid shirt with denim is a classic look that is extremely easy to get. Wear your plaid shirt above raw denim jeans and a denim jacket.  Complete the look with heavy boots and rock the laid-back style.


  • Wearing plaid shirt in a layering Style

Plaid shirts are a great wardrobe item for layering over a plain tee.  You can also wear them unbuttoned over basic crew neck and pair them with denim jeans. Choose a neutral color for the plain T-shirt or crewneck.  White, black and gray, all look good with plaids in any colors.


  • Cardigan, Jackets, and Plaids

Best way to wear your plaid shirt in winters is to pair it with a fall jacket or cardigan of your choice. It’s an easy outfit that goes perfectly with any jacket, cardigan or shrug you want to put on in winters.



  • Suits and Plaids, complete formal look

Yes, the plaid shirt looks as good with suits as with any other basic shirt. In fact, it adds some color and texture to your formal, professional attire and looks classy, smart and stylish.



Plaid shirts add color and texture to your wardrobe. Besides being classy, they modishly give you a laid-back look when styled properly with appropriate bottoms and accessories. It’s an all-season wardrobe item that goes as perfectly with shorts as it does with jackets. So grab some bold plaids to brighten up your wardrobe.


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