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After your portrait is taken, there are some areas which need to be taken into consideration for making a huge difference. If these areas are neglected then the otherwise perfect photo can end up with distracting elements which take away the focus where it should have been like the beautiful eyes. The major areas of concern are Face, Hair, Hands, Skin, and clothes.

Planning should be done a week before your photo shoot. As a model, you should decide on the outfits you would be wearing, the beautification steps and try to schedule your appointments. Mentioned below are some of the tips which will give an idea of preparing yourself before shoot not only for models but for everyone. You can just choose anything that suits your budget, lifestyle and present beauty regimen.

Simple ways to take care of your face on the day of the photoshoot:

  • Ways to Prepare Your Hair for the Photo Shoot Day
  • Ways to Take Care of Hands on the Photo Shoot Day
  • Steps To Take Care of the Skin on the Photo Shoot Day
  • How to Pick the Right Type of Outfit for the Photo Shoot Day
  • Some Things to Keep-In-Mind Finally On the Day of the Photo Shoot


Whiten Teeth – White strips are been sold that can whiten the teeth’s in a week or less for a quick whiteness boost. Even the dentist can whiten your teeth. For new clients, some do it for free too. If you need to have white teeth, it is better that you go in for it.

Do not Pick – Pimples can be easily covered with makeup but wounds, scabs, and flaky patches are a bit difficult. Try not to pick your skin. It is time to pull out the big guns if you scratch and squeeze at every bump and flake of your face. Do whatever you can to prevent it. Never examine your face closer than two feet from a mirror. You can even wear band-aids on your fingertips. You can even go for some fresh prints like Dora the Explorer or Barbie.

Exfoliate – The best way of spending the evening is by going to a soft soothing session by using a grainy scrub or you can gently rub your skin with a washcloth. Before your photo shoot, you can plan to exfoliate a couple of times. Make sure to leave a few days before treatments and some days before your shoot.

Get a Facial – If you wish to go out in a pampering mode, make sure to do your facial at least a week before your shoot. Facial may cause redness, give at least a week time to heal up.

If you are on a budget, prefer to do facial at home then florescent masque is always the best. You can do this as and when you feel like and recharge your psyche.

Wax Eyebrows – Schedule your appointment a few days before your photo shoot if you have decided to have your eyebrows waxed or threaded. You can even give an eyebrow trim or touch up at home also two days prior to your shoot.


Touch up the Roots – It is ideal to give a touch up to your hairs if you dye them at two or three days before your photo shoot. Do not prefer to go for a drastic change before the photo shoot.

Give a Trim – Hairs should be neat and healthy and this gives a youthful and vibrant look. To make a difference in your style you can give a subtle trim if it has been long since you had your last haircut.

Deep Condition – A professional conditioning treatment can be done in a salon or at home you can make your favorite deep conditioner or protein pack.


Get a Manicure – Along with manicure, you can opt for the pedicure too. Before your shoot, if you find yourself hard on the manicure, then you can book mani/pedi for the day before the shoot.

Artists can give a neat and clean shape to your nails. Fingertips look good with soft and neutral colors. Any color can be preferred for toes. Try to match your outfit with the color of your fingernail as it will compliment your looks.

Clean You’re Wedding Ring – You can clean your ring with a toothbrush and toothpaste at home. Professional jewelers make use of sonic cleaners that give it a sparkling shine just like new.

If the ring has not been cleaned for a long time since it is last cleaned then it is better to remove it right away. If the stones are loose in the ring then send it to the goldsmith to get it set right in time.

Before the photo shoot gets it cleaned up if possible. You can even prefer to clean it with a toothbrush the previous night of the shoot. You can even avoid wearing them during the shoot and keep it up home.

Him too – On your photo shoot day, if your man wishes to accompany you then see that his nails are neat and clean. Also, it will be added a bonus if he wears a genie masque.


Wax or Shave – If a model prefers to go for waxing, then should go for the same few days before your shoot. Shaving can be done the previous night of the shoot. Get your legs and underarms shaved and in case you are wearing a swimsuit or lingerie then you should go for bikini area also.

Spray Tan – Get a spray tan prior to your shoot in case you are usually using faux glow. Some models may have birthmarks or scars and these are the markings to show who we are. Some models may even have these ‘photoshopped’. You can choose whichever suits you as it is your body, face, and photo.


Purchase 5-6 Outfits – Your photographs should be a reflection of you just clean and polished. Choose your outfits you love to wear. Select those special pieces which you would love to wear on these special days and you cannot wear them on a day to day basis. You can also wear the best outfit of your choice on this special day.

Something Dark – Purchase one dark outfit or tops like black, navy or charcoal.

Something Light – Always think angelic and think of wearing a light outfit. The color need not be white but any color like cream, light pink, etc. and soft, gauzy or even layered and sheer.

Something Funky/Fun/Whimsical – You can really show off your personal style. If your taste is a bit conservative you can choose other adjectives like structured, elegant or formal instead or funky.

Something Sexy – This photoshoot depends on you whether to go for it or not. You can understand sexy in a backless formal dress or more overt sexy in a pin-up-style swimsuit.

Consider Necklines – Some models prefer to show their collar bone so boat neck, scoop neck, deep V and off-the-shoulder are their favorites. It should be made interesting than the basic T-shirt neckline. You can even wear turtlenecks. Try to wear varieties of necklines during your shoot but do not mix all of it one style.

Think Texture – Photos can be great with deluxe textures with a rich or tactile element.

Avoid Prints – Patterns and prints are distracting. People should look at the portrait and the most beautiful print is sure to steal the attention. Dress of the model is sure to grab attention first then her eyes.

Fit your Form – For photographs fitted clothing is the best. Do not wear the billowy, blouson top or batwing sleeves. The outfit chosen should be such that can hug your waist, hips, arms, and chest.

Forget Shoes – Models should not care for the type of shoe to be worn unless they need to photograph their special pair of shoes. Some of the images will not show the photos of feet and a barefoot to adds an organic feel to your portraits.


  • Wash and apply your skin moisturizer on your face.
  • Clean and dry you're hair if it is too long.
  • Sit with a comfy outfit.
  • Take with you 5-6 nice outfits for photos.
  • Keep your nails neat and clean
  • Clean your wedding ring.
  • Give a touch up to your eyebrows.

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