Black Color Is An Emotion

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A lot of effort is required in the morning while going to college or office. You need to choose the perfect outfit to match your mood. There is no time to sit, think and decide finally. You just think about something black. No tension, no thoughts and no problems at all. There is something about the black color and every one of us likes to choose something with a black outfit.

In Western culture, black denotes something evil, depressing, scary and sometimes even death. Black color means negatively charged as in blackmail, blacklist and black hole, etc. Black is one of the most popular colors that symbolize class, elegance and wealth. Clothes which are stylish can be found in black color, from suits to sexy black dresses, to formal black-tie outfits. There is a strong impact when black is combined with other colors.

Black color fits in almost any design as it adds contrast and makes the other colors to stand out more. Black is stated to be color of the hidden, the unknown and the mysterious. A sense of mystery is created and one who keeps things to self and keeps hidden from the world. In color psychology, black color relates to protection against emotional stress. A barrier is created between itself and the outside world. Provides comfort while it protects its feelings and hides its vulnerability, lack of confidence and insecurity.

The black color is the absorption of all colors and the absence of all light. Black hides things and white brings them to light. Whatever black hides, is brought back again in white. At different times in our lives, in one way or another we all use the black color, to hide from the world around us. Most of us use it to hide our weight; some use it to hide emotions, insecurity, and fear.

Black color in color psychology means power and control and it holds on to information and objects instead of sharing them with others. Meaning of black color is intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable due to the power it radiates. Two-way communication can be prevented due to the negative impact. The salesman who is dressed in all black will be able to sell a lot but will not have more friends. The black dress he wears radiates authority and power and also creates fear along the way. Black involves discipline and self-control, strong will and independence. Your emotions are well expressed in black that comes straight from the soul and goes right to the eyes of the person who is watching you. Imagine yourself styling in a black outfit. You are ready to go out to college or office, office meeting, movie or clubbing, birthday party, black suits everywhere. The black color is a forever color, in what so ever trend in the fashion industry.

Black color can be used to absorb negative energy. It is a good idea to bring something black to protect yourself from harm and negativity, while you are traveling or when you just go outside your home. The black color is liked by a person who can be traditional, conservative and serious and see themselves as sophisticated. The black color is often chosen by wealthy-success-oriented women since it gives an impression of elegance and confidence.

The black color is associated with something sexy and seductive. Black sexy lingerie gives a sense of mystery and intrigue, and thus makes a safe color choice when it comes to underwear. The black color also means that you give to someone else (a sexual partner) or the priest dressed in black robes, who give himself to God. Black color denotes the end, but the end is always the beginning. The presence of light makes black to white and white denotes the beginning.

Teenagers usually have the tendency of wearing black clothes at the stage of their life, wherever they go from childhood innocence to sophisticated adulthood. This shows the end of a part of their life and the beginning of a new life. They also hide from the world while they try to discover their own unique identity. It is essential that they pass this stage successfully and in any reason continue their adulthood in black color only by excluding all other colors. Wearing too much of black color causes depression and mood swings creating a negative environment. If another color is used together along with black then they add positive energy.

Black color should not stand alone and you never get tired of black. Black looks simply elegant and modern at the same time. You can wear your black types of denim and pair it with white, blue, green, black, green or any other color. Wear such combination of the dress looks beautiful and you surely will not regret your choice. Rather you will find new ways to wear black. Every outfit comes in your black color. Black color clothes coordinate with each other and can be worn with ease and hence you need not sacrifice your clothes. You can wear a black shirt with a black coat and scarf. You are all set to go out and enjoy your day. Black is one of the darkest colors and is the result of the complete absence or complete absorption of light and does not contain any shades in the pure form.

Black Color Affects Us in Three Ways -

  • You have a feeling that you are hidden and unnoticed in the crowd.
  • You get a restful feeling of emptiness.
  • The door to mystery gets opened and you are prepared for the unknown.

When You Purchase a Black Color Car Shows –

  • The strength you have and that you cannot be easily manipulated.
  • You have a great love for elegance and appreciate classics.

The Way Black Speaks –

Black is visually and the message is therefore very strong. The most common association of black is power, authority, and strength. Too much black can become overwhelming. Black and darkness is always a symbol of the villain (Darth Vader being a prime example) in the stories of good versus evil. Black can direct communication in a powerful way as it is a deep and serious color.

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