Cure Skin Problems Naturally Using Neem

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Celebrity Skincare: Thinking What Makes Celebrities Skin Look So Good?

  • Thinking how do celebrities have such clear skin and how you can get celebrity clear skin?
  • Worried about your skin and face as an actor and model? The answer lies in taking care of your skin and face naturally!


How Can I Make Neem Oil A Regular Feature Of My Skin Care?

The natural radiance always reflects when it comes from deep within! So how do I make that right choice when I want to stand apart from the crowd? Well to answer that let me ask a simple question. Can you add the beauty of any dirty room by putting exquisite showpieces and designer upholstery? That will make the room look even more crowded and mismanaged. You first need to rearrange things and clean up the mess so that the room looks neat, later on, you can beautify the room as per your choice.





Similarly, it is crucial as a modeling aspirant for you to understand that cosmetics, make-up, designer outfits will provide you some benefit only when you manage to go away with impurities which are deep within your skin or blood.


  1. Neem Oil helps Fight Impurities Deep within the Layers of your Skin
    The anti-bacterial properties of Neem help combat the particular spots where bacterial infects has spread. Neem oil treatment helps us from falling prey to expensive creams which dig a hole into our pockets.
  2. Neem Oil has no-side Effects 
    Neem oil can be experimented with your regular face packs etc and that too without any fear factor since it has no side effects. But the thumb rule is that only a few drops must be used initially.
  3. Neem Oil Adds a Natural Glow to your Looks
    When properties of neem are available in the form of oil then it seeps into our skin pores easily and gets absorbed well and evenly. This helps bring a natural glow to the skin.
  4. Reduces Aging Process 
    The anti-oxidant properties of neem help reduce the aging process of the skin. If you have started observing fine lines on your skin then applying few drops of Neem oil around your face in upward strokes just before going to bed will really help a lot.
  5. Reduces Pimples and Blemishes 
    The regular use of Neem oil helps reduce pimples and blemishes from the skin. Since pimples normally occur on oily skin surfaces, it is better you add neem oil to face masks you normally use rather than directly applying it on your face.


How Can I Make Neem Oil A Regular Feature Of My Skin Care?

  • A part of your regular face mask. It is very convenient to add a few drops of neem oil each time you prepare your face pack. You can club it with cucumber, papaya, banana or even grape face packs.
  • A part of your night cream. Use a few drops at night before sleeping. Let the skin repair itself with this wonderful healing herb at night.
  • Plain simple oil massage. If you have normal skin, consider yourself a blessed one. You can get maximum benefits of this oil by directly applying a few drops on your face.
  • Part of your parlor facials. Skin facials are the best way to remove the dead skin and to clean the layers of skin. Add neem oil to your regular facials and see the difference.


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