How To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day

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All of us are eager to keep up a perfect makeup look and due to the unbearable heat and humidity, all your efforts vanish away gradually. The thing of beauty is a joy forever is a famous saying and it should be survived at least till five o’clock.

By following some of the steps makeup lovers can consider their makeup so as to last all day long. Keep on reading the article to get to know about the makeup that will beat the heat and humidity.

1.) Clean You’re Face before Makeup –

For your makeup to stay for a longer period, clean your face thoroughly to remove all dust and oil. This will enable to keep your makeup to stay for a longer period. A new makeup on an unclean face will incline to fleck away easily. So make it a practice of cleaning your face every morning before applying makeup. Avoid using had soap on your skin as it makes your skin dry and the makeup will go off quickly.

2.) Exfoliate your Skin –

Dead skin cell gets accumulated on your skin and face which looks awkward on the face. Try to exfoliate a few times in a month to remove the dead cells. Applying makeup on dead skin cell will flake off quickly. On a clean face, the makeup will remain for a long time. You can make use of a fine facial brush to remove the dead cells from your surface. Natural sugar scrub also works well to exfoliate dead skin. Lips should also be exfoliated to have a long-lasting lipstick touch.

3.) Moisturize Your Skin 

If your skin is oily then you can go for a gel-type oil-free moisturizer. Highly nourishing can be used by people having dry skin. The moisture you make use of should be more than SPF 15 in order to protect your skin against harmful sun rays. Persons above 30 years should always make use of SPF protection with anti-wrinkle stuff. Avoid making use of a heavy creamy moisturizer as it will make your skin too slimy for your face.

4.) Good Primer –

The best tip to have a proper makeover is to apply a decent primer that stays the whole day. Some of the best-branded primers may be bit costly but try to make use of it. The primer should be put all over your face especially over the blemished areas or oily areas and you can also cover any marks on your face.

5.) Eye Primers 

Eye primers will help your eye shadow to survive longer and scrupling should not do in the eyelid. This will make colors look more vivacious and less radiant. If you do not use heavy eye makeup, an eye primer will not be enough. It can also aid in making your eyes incline to blotch and finish up under your eyes. This can aid your eyeliner to stay in one place.

6.) Perfect Foundation –

For foundation, you can make use of fluid foundation. In case you do not prefer to have the liquid foundation you can make use of rock crystal powder. You can also try a creamy foundation or powdered form of dyed moisturizer. For some people, mineral powdered makeup looks decent. Select the best shade to make your face look perfect.

7.) Lip Color 

The lipstick should sustain on your lips the whole day even after you have consumed eatables and drinks. The lips should be nourished properly before applying a long-lasting lipstick. To get a long-lasting lip color shade, use a lip liner around your lips which will enable to remain fixed throughout the day.

8.) Powdered Eye Shade 

The combination of a powdered eye shadow with a finished primer will enable to color to remain in the same place throughout the day. The cream shade has a tendency to slide off quickly. The compact powder should be put to the eye primer with an eye shadow brush and should be allowed to remain for a while.

9.) Mascara Should Be Waterproof –

You can make your eyes look bright the whole day by applying a smudge-proof or waterproof mascara. Smudge-proof mascara will remain even if your eyes are wet. While going to bed clean your eyes thoroughly. Mascara Primer should not be applied on eyelashes as they put weight on them making it look smaller.

10.) Do Not Touch Your Face 

After applying makeup avoid touching your face as when you touch that small part of the makeup will come out. As far as possible, try not to touch your face.

11.) Do Less Makeup in Summer 

When it is hot outside, try not to have a heavy makeup. During summer when you sweat, your powder will come out and will spoil the makeup done. In summer it is better to have smudge-proof eye makeup and apply compact powder on the face.

12.) Use of Makeup Setting Sprays –

Makeup setting sprays are used to avoid melting down of makeup so that you remain fresh from day tonight. Makeup spray is similar to hairspray to be used on face and can be used before you leave your home. Find the best one to suit according to your face.

13.) Pack the Essentials –

While going out of home it is always better to keep a small makeup bag with you will all essential ingredients like blotting papers, pressed powder and a lipstick.

The above tips will enable you to have long-lasting makeup to make you look fresh and beautiful.


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