How To Reduce Performance Stress

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Do you know what’s common between Ozzy Osbourne, Adele, and the famous singer Barbara Streisand? All the superstars shared that they experienced stage fright and nervousness and for a long time. If you are nervous about how you will face the audience then you are not alone. There are many who go through the same anxiety and performance stress.

But the underlining fact is that many of them overcame the stress and moved beyond while few others were unable to manage the stress and kept living with it all their lives throughout their singing careers. But even they successes, nevertheless. So the choice is ours whether we want to face and fight it back or we wish to live with that fear.

The best part is that the stage of fear gets reduced with each performance. We all go through the stage fear for the first time but there are some very simple yet effective tricks to handle that. Like for instance, you can select a song that is always on your lips and you feel very comfortable singing it, no matter what the situation is.

1.) Visualize Your Audience Enjoying The Performance

  • Visualization is an important technique that helps create a reality for us. Imagine that the audience is cheering for you an is going wild taking your name. Feel the stage, imagine the dress you have put on, clearly visualize the shoes you are wearing and how comfortable they are for you. When you will create this image it will send a message to the universe that you wish to create such a reality. This will give you a lot of confidence.
  • It is even important that you go a step forward and imagine that you have gone a bit nervous but that moment, imagine that you have involved the audience and have confidently gone ahead singing your songs confidently.


2.) Kick Start by Involving Your Audience

  • If this is your first performance and you have to sing in front of a large audience, then join a group like a local theatre group where a choir is already functioning and you can be a part of that group.
  • When you will start to sing in a group gradually you will get the knack of facing a large audience confidently. The best part about support groups is that they provide an atmosphere which helps a person handle stage fright. There’s another benefit of joining a support group like an orchestra that you work with other artists who are mostly more experienced than you are and can share their valuable stories with you.


3.) Correct Your Posture

  • A wrong posture will not only make you look clumsy but will result in body ache after a period of time. You can practice the right posture before the final performance. You can learn to move around the stage at the time of the performance as moving around helps build confidence.
  • A good posture means you stand straight with your back and your head bent slightly backward.


4.) Right Breathing Helps A Lot

  • One of the fastest ways to do away with nervousness is to take deep breaths and to concentrate on how your body is reacting to the breathing. This practice helps pass on the positivity and energy to all the cells of the body.
  • We have all heard of deep breathing to reduce anxiety and anger but it is very effective.


5.) Select the Right Songs

  • When you have to sing at a live performance then it is best to avoid songs that are new and complicated. In the initial years of your singing career select songs that are within your vocal range and suit your mood and style.
  • Songs that are not in keeping with the trends, can put off the audience and you may feel the disconnect with the audience which can bring your confidence level down.


6.) You Must Know Your Skill

  • It is important that you hire the services of a vocal coach. It is important that you learn all the right techniques so that you are taken seriously.
  • There are many links on the web that provide information on stage etiquettes and stage manners. You can earn brownie points if you are versed with the right techniques and manners.


7.) Make Friends Sit In Front Of Row

  • Ask your friends to try and sit in the front row as their faces will help you stay confident while your performance. You can even ask your friends to motivate you if you feel nervous on the stage.


8.) Focus On Your Practice

  • The best way to stay focused on your approach is to practice your craft well. You must be sure of the lyrics. A singer fails at the very first step if he or she is unaware of the lyrics. So the number one rule is to know your lyrics well.
  • Practice singing in front of your family and friends. Accept the suggestions and feedback they give. Take the help of a friend and record the song on your phone. View it a couple of times and also take notice of your body movements. Look closely from a critic point of view and make the required changes. 


9.) Try Singing at a Karaoke Bar

  • One of the most interesting and lively ways to do away with stage fear is to sing at a karaoke bar. Many singers might raise a brow to this suggestion but this is a fun way to say goodbye to performance anxiety and welcome confidence in your life.


10.) Start Performing Wherever You Are

  • If you are a college student, start by singing in your college, if you are a professional then look for opportunities in your office to show your talent, gradually you will muster the courage to face a large audience.
  • You need to be proactive as you will have to create opportunities and not wait for them to take place.
  • Nut just this, you will also be given valuable feedback which will help you perform better when you take up singing professionally.


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