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Indian classical music is one of the most developed and highly developed music system. A blend of both folk and popular styles, it has evolved over many years. It has had significant impact on western music at various points in history and also got influenced in return. Indian musicians have been accepted well and with deep respect in the western society. Maestros like Pandit Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain have earned great reputation in the west through their performances and associations with various bands. The consumption of Indian music is also growing in the west particularly because of increasing popularity of Bollywood music.


  1. Chong Chiu Sen of Malaysia, an expert in Carnatic Classical Music
  2. Steve Gorn, king of Bamboo Flute
  3. John Higgins was excellent at Carnatic Music
  4. Saskia Rao de Hass, Dutch maestro of Indian Cello
  5. Ken Zuckerman, an expert in Indian ragas & medieval songs
  6. Shanker Tucker is known for Indian Clarinet


Chong Chiu Sen of Malaysia excels in Carnatic Classical

Crossing all barriers of language, nationality, beliefs, and cultures Malaysia-born Chong Chiu Sen’s soul lay in India classical dancing. He was attracted to intricate and meaningful verses of Sanskrit bhajans when he was in the sixth standard! Chong’s guru in Malaysia convinced him to attend Margazhi season in Chennai so that the latter could get a brief idea about Carnatic music.

Chong took formal training in playing veena from famous guru late Kalpakam Swaminathan. He realized his true calling while playing veena when he would start humming melodious tunes. Since then Chong has never made a U-turn. He is appreciated world over for his excellent tonal quality, a deep sense of ragas and the divinity in his execution.



Steve Gorn is world famous for Bamboo Flute

Applauded world over for identifying the purity and soulfulness of the Indian classical music, Steve Gorn has evolved Indian classical music over the years. Proficient at bansuri and saxophone, Steve is a Grammy Award winner. Steve has a special place in Indian theatre as he has delivered many compositions.

Steve is the disciple of Sri Gour Goswami of Calcutta, and following the former’s tradition Gorn continuously introducing innovations in the field of music. Gorn has released. An album Luminous Ragas in the year 1994 which features four North Indian ragas.



John Higgins was excellent at Carnatic Music

It was during British Raj that Britishers got acquainted with classical Carnatic music. Although they studied art most of them were not interested in turning an artist. Jon Higgins took up training as an artist and this proved to be a turning point. John took formal training under T Vishwanathan, T Ranganathan, and Balasaraswati.



Saskia Rao de Hass of Netherlands is pro at Indian Cello

Sasika Rao is respected in the field of Indian classical music for introducing and educating young children about classical instruments. Born and brought up in the Netherlands, Saskia Rao de Haas has a unique style of touching and bathing in the melody of classical music. Saskia took her formal training under acclaimed Hari Prasad Chaurasia and the artist respected her guru so much that she hated sitting on a chair while her guru sat on the floor as she had to play a huge cello. It was then that she introduced the cello in Indian style.



Ken Zuckerman, an expert in Indian ragas & medieval songs

Trained formally under Sarod maestro Akbar Ali Khan, Ken Zuckerman is known for introducing very user-friendly innovations in the world of music. He has performed with some celebrated artists like Zakir Hussain, Anindo Chatterjee, and Swapan Chaudhari. Zukerman has brought international acclaim to Indian classical music by performing at various international concerts and music performances.



Shanker Tucker is known for Indian Clarinet

Shankar Tucker got his name from Mata Amritanandmayi when he was in the third standard. This small Indian connection could take such a bigger shape in life no one knew. An interesting story goes like in the year 2007, Shankar was trying his best to play Indian classical music on his clarinet on a serene beach in the scenic state of Kerala, when a passer-by assumed that Shanker was just a beginner and Shanker never forgot that moment in his life. And the reality was that he was playing clarinet for many years and was well established.

Today Shanker has changed the scenario of music through the clarinet and delivers soulful music in tune with the Indian audience and local themes like none other have.

Shanker’s dream of training in India under a revered guru turned true when he received a scholarship to get training under Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. But this journey was not an easy one as clarinet was an instrument which was not accepted in India classical scene. But Tucker made it big with his YouTube music channel The ShrutiBox.


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