Sleeves This Spring to Look Forward Spring Summer Fashion 2018

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It is springtime waving goodbye to the chilly winter months. It is also the time to reshuffle one’s wardrobe collection. It is time for some smart, stylish and exclusive Spring FashionSpring is a time for some cool and comfortable fabric. The Fashion Trends this spring include

  • Sporty and comfortable sportswear or athleisure,
  • Denim or jeans – be it a jacket or jeans,
  • Cool, bright and colorful and sporty fanny packs just like the sling bags,
  • Dresses over shirts, such as a large flowing dress over leopard printed shirt or a silk dress over a sport shirt,
  • Jumpsuits for every body shape and taste,
  • Bright pink along with yellow color dresses – shoulder jacket or jumpsuit,
  • Creative and colorful prints and patterns on dresses,
  • Bold and transparent sheer dresses in a variety of hues and
  • Statement sleeves.

This spring is all about the sleeves. The latest fashion trends consist of exhibiting a wide range of statement sleeves before others – be it as an office or casual wear. While jackets and cardigans take a back seat, various types of sleeves have come to the forefront. They can be worn in one’s unique style, thus making a personal style statement.  The options in this regard are a bell, extra-long, shapedruffled, billowy, bishop, kimono, puffy, Juliet, angel, off-shoulder, pagoda and so forth. It is the wearer whose mix and match and flaunting of her style make her dress appear more lively and playful.

Below mentioned are some useful information regarding a variety of trendy sleeves that highlight the oomph factor of Spring Fashion:

  • Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves are so-called because of their bell-like structure. They sit straight on the arm and opens up at the bottom. They can be either long or short. They can end anywhere between the elbow and the wrist. They entered the western fashion world during the Medieval era. They were usually a part of clergy’s attire. By 1500s the royalty and the affluent adapted to this style donning flared sleeved with fur or embroidery embellishments.  Butterfly bell sleeve flares up at the end of the upper bicep. Bishop bell sleeve appears relatively full in circumference and has pleats in both the armhole and the bottom. They can be on the very traditional blouses that women wear with saree, sheath, cocktail, shift, jacket suit, lace and many more such dresses, shirts, and tops. A bell sleeve top on a printed skirt and oversized sun glare look awesome.

  • Extra-Long Sleeves

Extra-long sleeves represent street style fashion. They are a product of the grunge and skate culture of the rebellious 1990s. They depict independence from yippie establishment. Any dramatically stretchy outfit looks cooler with longer sleeves. Hoodies, shirts, tops, t-shirts, sweaters come with super long sleeves. They are comfortable and great means to hide one’s body. They are genderless, protective and covers the skin completely. They make the wearer feel carefree and absolutely at peace with himself/herself.

  • Raglan Sleeve


Raglan Sleeves are an extension of the shoulder with an inseam that runs under the arm. It is named after Lord Raglan, who wore this sleeve after the loss of his arm in Battle of Waterloo. The coat producer, Aquascutum for the Lord invented this sleeve to allow him room to use his sword in the battle. It allows greater movement, unlike the prefixed sleeve. They come in all lengths. They are best suited for tops, t-shirts and bodycon dresses.

  1. Kimono Sleeves take their name from the Japanese traditional garment, known as kimono, meaning ‘things to wear’. They were worn by unmarried women on special occasions like weddings. They can be wide, loose, short or wrist length. Younger lot prefers the loose kimono sleeves more than the other age-groups. The length can vary according to the age of the wearers. In the 1940s American fashion incorporated this style with some alterations and brought into the market. The Butterfly Kimono starts at the shoulder and becomes wider while coming down. It is usually 4-5 inches long. It is the national costume of the Philippines. The Long-Sleeved kimono extends beyond the wrist. The Short-Sleeved Kimono has cuts just under the shoulder. The vertical cut reduces the amount of the fabric. The horizontal cut makes it more surging. Squared Kimono looks like capped sleeves. It is t-shaped and has a straight cut. It can be worn from office to evening party. It looks gorgeous and aesthetic on the wearer.
  2. Batwing, Magyar or Dolman Sleeve is long and wide and hangs loosely from the shoulder. It is characterized by deep armhole and tight wrist. It is reminiscent of the wings of a bat. It can be open like the kaftan style and closed to look like an extension of an inseam. Western tops, tunics, and dresses look good with this sleeve style.
  3. Ruffle Sleeves connote the revolutionary spirit of the people from both sexes. They are a mark of extraordinary strength and prowess. They were once worn by the royalties. They originated in 16th century Spain when soldiers used to wear several layers of clothing and cut their sleeves to reveal the inner fabric. Ruffle, frill, and furbelow is tightly pleated or gathered at one end of the fabric and then applied to any garment. It is a fashionable form of off-and-on and trims into modern culture. It provides a breezy look when worn with denim skirts or loose tutus.
  4. Cap Sleeves are very short and often rounded. They hang over the shoulder edge without extending below the armpit. They are typically shorter and tighter than a T-shirt sleeve. They were highly in vogue during the 20th century. They can be both casual and formal wear.  Cap sleeved T-shirts, cut to fit the waistline are very popular among young girls and women. Cap-sleeved blouses are worn under blazers or jackets. They appear befitting to any western or Indian outfit. They are comfortable to wear and come with varying neckline styles.
  5. Petal or Tulip Sleeves are a slight variation to the cap sleeves. They resemble the petals of a flower. They are formed by overlapping two pieces of cloth. They are joined at the top two edges of overlapping. They are very common in children’s clothing, sportswear and evening dresses. They can be custom made.  They are undoubtedly feminine and delicate.
  6. Bishop Sleeves originating from a bishop’s robe, are long full sleeves gathered at the wristband. They are fuller at the bottom. They form a cuff at the end with buttons. The fashion was widely prevalent in the 1920s and 1930s and the civil war years. It was more popular among the working class as the bishop sleeve was easier to roll up for work. Bishop style dresses and shirts were a familiar sight in period dramas. The sleeves go well with the one-piece dress and western tops.

As one can see the above types of sleeves are completely in tune with Spring fashion. They are not only airy but also enhance the beauty and style of the outfit and its wearer. These fashion trends never run out of their melange. Online stores make it easy for fashionable women to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. In a jiffy, they can refurbish their wardrobe without any hassle.


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