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Theodore Roosevelt,” The only many who never makes a mistake is a man who never does anything”.

Sometimes mistakes committed by us may seem like and an end of the world. Actually, they give you the appropriate opportunity to learn, to grow and to improve yourself. An actor should have the courage to admit his mistakes, smart enough to reap profit and strong enough to correct them.

Majority of actors fail to fulfill their dream to be successful and earn name, fame and desired money. Everybody knows that nobody is totally perfect. During your life in one way or the other, you are bound to make major or minor mistakes. In our continuous pursuit of becoming an actor in Bollywood or TV serial, we regret so many things of our past. Some people may develop a sense of anger and us to repent for our actions. You may now feel your mistake to be a negative thing but all depends on how we see things. You can not erase a haunting memory. One should, however, remember one thing, one should learn from mistakes and these will make you stronger and wiser. You can learn lessons from your mistakes.

Bruce Lee had said that Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them.

After committing a mistake, we find it hard to admit them since we feel that by doing so we are hurting our self-worth. We should fully acknowledge and embrace the errors and this is the only way to avoid repeating them.

A research was conducted by the clinical Psychophysiology lab and it was found that people fall into two categories when it comes to mistakes : those who have a mind-set (stating to forget it and you will never be good at it) and those who have a growth mind-set (stating that let us see what happened if I did it wrong and will not repeat it)

Author Jason Moser has said that by paying attention to mistakes, we invest more time and effort to correct them. Hence, the result is that you make the mistake work for you.

A person with a growth mindset will land on their feet since they acknowledge their mistakes and improve themselves by using them. There is little or no chance of committing mistakes by smart and successful people. They have simple tools of learning from their mistakes. To be precise, they recognize the roots of their mix-ups quickly and never repeat the mistakes.

Paule Coelho has said that when you repeat a mistake it is not a mistake anymore rather it is a decision.

Some of the mistakes are tempting and all of us do commit it once or twice in our lifetime. Smart people learn from these mistakes and never repeat them. The mistake committed by you may be due to some of the below-mentioned reason:-

  • While on set, arguing unnecessarily with the casting director or with a director.
  • On a small pretext, you get angry and fight with the other person.
  • Before an audition or shoot, you do not learn your character or lines properly.
  • By paying a large amount to fraudsters and be carried away by them. They may promise to give you a chance in TV serial or film and will cheat you.
  • Giving excuses for your failures.
  • Without checking the credential you give loans to co-actors and others.
  • Lacking patience.
  • Rejections make you depressed.
  • Various other reasons.

Realize Your Mistakes and Learn From Them. Correct Them And Try Not To Repeat Them.

  • Nobody Is Perfect – Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone commits mistakes at one time or the other. Mistakes give us an opportunity to correct ourselves.
  • One Cannot Change the Past – Actions already done in life cannot be changed. We can, however, mold our future by doing acts which are worthy. Never regret or repent for things already taken place. It is better you start writing down things which led you to commit that mistake and try to be careful in the future.
  • Try To Change Your Path – You now know that by doing something, things will go wrong. Once you know it, never commit it again and try to change your path. A mistake committed for the first time is unknowingly or unintentional. But when you commit it again it is you who have to choose it to happen.
  • Act Smartly – Try to learn the laws to cause and effect. You did some act wrongly committed for some reason. Recognize the reason and try to avoid it. Know the situation and the person with whom you are happy with and there are always chances of your improvement. Mistakes help us to know our weaknesses. This will enable you to realize your skills and talents by knowing your mistakes and improving on them so that they are not repeated.
  • Act of Forgiveness – As a person, hating yourself and others will not help you. If someone hurts you do not mean everyone will hurt you. Try to forgive the person who hurt you and trust them which will be helpful to you. Also, try to forgive yourself and remember everything happens for a reason.
  • Game of Attitude – Always keep your positive attitude and remember that everything happens for a reason. Some mistake may seem to be catastrophic but some good may come out of it someday. Always try to learn from your mistakes and they will make you learn many things. Learning from them will make you a stronger, better and successful actor and person in the future.

An actor should have a broad mind to admit his mistakes. They should be smart enough to reap profit from them and strong enough to correct them.


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