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Photographers always expect models with perfect skin and great physique. But sometimes models do not come with perfect skin as expected. Being the first time, models are unaware of how to get ready for a shoot especially in post-production as it requires a lot of retouching time. Most of the portrait, fashion or beauty photographer might have come across a model with eyebrows not waxed, body hair or tan lines and dry skin. These problems can easily be fixed in the post and can be solved by the model beforehand.

  • Pamper Yourself and Maintain a Healthy Glowing Skin
  • Bring a Beautiful Smile with Soft Lips
  • Win the Body Hair War
  • Take Proper Rest and Be Calm
  • Do Not Wear Too Fancy Clothes


Models sometimes do not know that these can be a problem when retouching. Sometimes new models ask the photographer to remove the hair in Photoshop as they hold the view of lack of time prior to shooting. They do not know that it consumes time while they are on a shoot. Models should have a checklist before the shoot so that they can know the way they should look like. This will help to save the time before the shoot whether models are getting shoot for beauty, fashion or portraits.

Mentioned below is a checklist which models should see so as to reduce the post-production time and get cleaner pictures.

  1. Healthy and Even Skin – In post-production, it takes some time to clean the skin. Healthy, clean and even skin can reduce the time spent in Photoshop. To have better skin, models need to focus on many things.

Models should prefer to sleep at least eight hours a night. Lack of sleep can lead to bad and unhealthy skin like wrinkles, fine lines, and lackluster skin, etc. Models should avoid drinking alcohol prior to the night of the shoot. If they do so then red spots on the face will be clearly visible when they come to the studio for the shoot.

Red spots or acne can cause problems to anyone, especially to models if they have before the shoot. Young models make use of some creams that dry out the skin which later causes exfoliation in case the artist makes use of hard brushes. In such a case, it is advisable for the model to stop using these products and should prefer to make use of a good moisturizer twice a week before the photoshoot. Models can also make use of peeling cream or shower gel to exfoliate and clean the skin prior to the days before the photoshoot.

Models should be careful during summer as there are chances of skin getting tanned. These tanned lines are difficult to rectify in the post photoshoot especially while shooting lingerie or swimwear.

In post-production, time is consumed by models if they have uneven skin with wrinkles. If models have these issues, then it can be minimized by the makeup artist by making use of skin smoother like MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base. The skin of the model should be completely smooth or else it will diminish the unevenness.

1. Smooth Lips - Models should take care of their lips. Models living in the cold area are likely to have chapped lips. Models should make use of balm on a regular basis to avoid dry and chapped lips. They should also avoid smoking.

2. Body Hair War – Some people do say that the new trend is a body with hair. But you can never see beauty or fashion editorial with a young gorgeous female model with facial hair.

The model should prefer to remove hair as it will enable to save a lot of time in post-shoot. Never do remove hair from the skin the day or night prior to the shoot as the skin might still be red. Prefer cleaning them at least 2-3 days beforehand.

Prior to the photo shoot, models should wax or reshape their eyebrows. In the post-shoot, it is difficult to remove body hair.  

3. Rested Eyes – Eyes are a crucial part of the body related to beauty. The shoot is pretty screwed is the eyes of the model are bad. The photoshoot will not be done when a model comes in the tipsy getup. The eyes become shiny and the blood vessels become prominent with Alcohol. This also happens when the model lacks enough sleep. Along with the skin, models need to take care of their eyes too. The model has to be healthy in all conditions and this enables to diminish the under-eye bags.

Models should remove their contact lenses before artists’ starts doing makeup for the photo shoot. Also, it is better to remove lenses if the shoot is to be done with close-ups. Never waste your time to remove them in the post-shoot period.

 4. No need for Fancy Clothing – Model has to get ready for a photo shoot. Avoid wearing too tight outfits as they leave a mark on the skin. Models should come with loose clothes to avoid the marks. They should prefer to wear large clothes so that it is easier for them to change clothing after the makeup is done.

Models should know these before the photoshoot. Sometimes they are given advice by professionals so that they can be better prepared for the next shoot. Some of the models will be thankful when they receive advice while others just do not care. A healthy and well-prepared model can change the outcome of the work for photographers especially when there is a lot of skin showing.

Models should be told about the problems by photographers before photoshoot like waxing, etc. Photographers can send some blog articles or send some links to the models before the shoot. Models can be called one or two weeks before the session and simply speak with them. Models should know the various tips and directions before going for the photoshoot. Models should know that the body hair will be visible in camera or the dry skin may cause problems with makeup.

Key to the success of models is good to clear communication. Communication has to start before the day of shooting. Photographers should talk with models and give their personal views to them so that they can be prepared for photoshoot accordingly. Models should choose whatever fits in with their budget, lifestyle and current beauty regimen.

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