Tips To Become An Android Phone Photographer

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A good camera is just enough to be a good photographer. Technology is also important to factor and this applies to smartphone photography also. The average camera smartphone camera is increasing in quality in terms of hardware and software at a very fast rate that some of the biggest strides in improving your photos can be done irrespective of the camera you use. With a smartphone in hand today, everyone has turned into a photographer. This does not mean that the photography basic is learned and can help to kick the photos to the next level.

Stop and keep your hands steady
Think first and shoot later
Choose the right shooting mode for the scene
Post-process your images
Do not just leave HDR on all of the time
Consider a tripod mount for good captures
Zoom with your feet and not with the software
Clean the mobile lens regularly

With few tips and tricks, you too can become an android photographer expert. Mentioned below are some of the tips which must be kept in mind:

  • Stop and Keep Your Hands Steady
    You can easily hold a big DSLR camera up to your face to take a photo but with smartphones being smaller in size people think that they can take pictures on the move. But in reality, it is not possible and you will not be able to take clear pictures with one-hand while walking down the sidewalk. The lightning conditions may be bright so just stop for a few minutes and take the best possible shot.

    If you wish to take a picture then you can take the best one by stop moving, use both your hands on the phone and keep things steady when you take the photo. There are many things in photographs that you cannot control but you should really do your best to manage the things you can.  


  • Think First and Shoot Later 
    Android smartphones have fast cameras, burst modes, and boundless storage, we prefer to shot picture before actually considering composition, lighting or framing. During the good olden days, taking a single picture on film cost you money but now that is not the case. This does not mean you should not think before taking pictures. Framing and composition are important and both these things you learn with time as a photographer. Taking photos will make you perfect as you learn with experience.

    While taking a shot take your time and move it until you are satisfied. You need not settle for an inferior picture which can be improved easily by moving a little or changing your perspective.


  • Choose the Right Shooting Mode for the Scene 
    All android phones have a built-in camera which enables the user to shoot a photo in various modes for different situations. Phones have different modes and you should find them out and learn to use them.

    The sensitivity of the camera’s sensor will be lowered in night mode and this decreases the shutter speed to keep things smooth and bright whereas an action mode will do the opposite to freeze moving subjects in their tracks. You will have to do some trial and error to see which modes work the best for you. This will enable you to learn the best way of capturing rather than sticking on auto mode only in camera.


  • Post-Process Your Images
    Photographers having high-end cameras take a picture and post it only after editing. Android smartphone camera software is very good at processing each of the photos taken by you and spitting out a good JPEG image. You can tweak it after the fact to get the improved look. You can either just crop and rotate with the built-in photo editor your phone has or make use of any one of the photo editors like VSCO Cam or Snapseed and take a few extra minutes editing which can make a great difference between a good and a great photo.


  • Do Not Just Leave HDR on all of the time 
    One of the best ways of getting bright and punchy photos is by turning on HDR on your camera but a small smartphone camera will not be able to take in a single shot. This does not mean you should use it all the time. HDR is perfect when your subject is lit from behind and you wish to see the foreground. It will be a bad choice when you are in a dark room or taking pictures of moving subjects. Some of the cameras have the option to turn on HDR automatically and does a good job but if you want to take control, try not to use HDR often.


  • Consider a Tripod Mount
    If you want to absolutely maximize the quality of photos your phone can take consider making use of a tripod stand. For this you need not purchase a special tripod for your phone, you can make use of any camera tripod with a standard adapter screw to add a small phone attachment.

    You need not pair it up with a 70-inch tripod but can always use a small or flexible tripod which is easier to carry around for on-go-the shots. You can easily place your phone on a tripod and take the photos in the best possible ways in any situations. After getting to know how to click photos on a tripod it will be easy for you to turn your phone into a great time-lapse camera.


  • Zoom With Your Feet and Not With the Software
    Whenever we are far away, we have a temptation of taking a picture and you have digital zoom in the camera app on your phone. You wish to simply pinch in and everything gets closer but do not do so. Even with very high-resolution cameras, digitally zooming on your phone decreases the quality of your photos. It does not only decrease the resolution but you are also increasing the amount of blurriness that can happen with the hand movement.

    This may not always be a convenient thing to do but the best way to zoom in with your feet. Just walk over to the place where you wish to take pictures of and get the best possible shot of it and do not use the crutch of digital zoom. This will enable you to take a clear picture and the end result will be much better.


  •  Clean the Lens Regularly
    Whenever we are out to take photos to remember the basic things of cleaning the lens of your phone. Smartphone camera lenses are small and often touched throughout the day as when we handle our phone. This leaves dirt and smudges all over a very small camera lens. Before you take a picture, take a small piece of your shirt, pant, scarf or dress and clean off your lens. You will find a lot of difference while taking the next photos.

To have your phone photography unique and pleasing, do not forget to edit it in the proper manner. Edit the picture by making reasonable and needed adjustments like contrast, brightness, white balance, sharpness, color temperature, and brightness also if needed.


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