Unflattering Beauty Trends Of All The Time

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Every day on social media we find new viral beauty trends, and you might think to try a few of them. In case you have decided to try some of them you may be surprised to see some of the weird beauty trends of which you might not have even dreamt off. These beauty trends are for a short period of time and also extremely unflattering. There are a few of the beauty trends which should be avoided.

Mentioned below are some of the beauty trends which should be avoided as they are weird and does not suit your personality. These beauty trends will make you awkward too.

  1. Over-Contoured Makeup 
    Backstage fashion has increased the fashion show face charts and it is easy to be caught up in the craze. Of course, this makes up will give you a bit of light and shade. These face makeups are made only for fashion shows and stage makeups but not for a woman to wear in real life on a daily basis. Combination of brown and streaky is never given a good look.

  2. Overdrawn Eyebrows 
    One of the first things people notice on your face is the eyebrows as it frames your face. Your eyebrows should be neat and clean so as to look beautiful. If your brows are too harsh, dark or overdrawn then you would look comical than natural. Do not go wild with your eyebrow pencil bur focus on making wispy, slim strokes that match with your natural eyebrow hairs.

  3. Bright, Unblended Eye Shadow 
    You may look to be the most glamorous person on the planet with a bold eye look. You should not unnecessarily add every shade to your eye shadow palette. To make use of a combination of six different colors on your lids, make sure you use a fluffy blending brush and blend. You can choose the best palette for your eye shadow and give a pleasing look to your personality.

  4. Overlined Lips 
    Use of lip liner to trace outside of the natural lip line is a fashion of the past. This was one of the ways of enhancing the size of your lips and this is not the present trend. You can try dotting a bit of gloss at the center of your bottom lip to puff your pout.

  5. Adding Too Much of Highlighter 
    Applying of highlighter appropriately looks good and gives your face appealing look. Over applying of highlighter will obviously make you look like a light bulb than a glowy goddess. This excess of look is something which is not needed at all.

  6. Bad Highlights 
    You can add some warmth and dimensions to your hair by adding some quality highlights. These highlights should be done neatly or if done poorly will make your hairs look more skunk than giving a stylish look. You can get a good highlight by bringing in plenty of photos of the color you wish to achieve.

  7. Yellow Blush 
    Use of yellow blush was a trend of 2017 and there is nothing wrong in experimenting with it. Focus on hues in the pink coral instead of yellow and add a flush to your cheeks without looking like a clown.

  8. Lip Art 
    One of the huge Instagram beauty trends in 2018 is the lip art and this does not seem to show any sign of slowing down. It is not at all practical to draw a painting of a scene from your favorite film, TV show or book on your bout. Doing all this on your lips also does not add to any beauty.

  9. Orange Spray Tan 
    People today love to have sun-kissed skin but this is not possible to be achieved throughout the year. Try to embrace the natural color of your skin rather than blotchy, streaky skin.

  10. Matte Lipstick 
    Present trend is the use of matte lipstick but it is difficult to manage if you are suffering from dry, flaky lips. Besides, you should always hold a mirror in hand to make sure that the lipstick is intact and not spread all over your face. It is easy to apply glossy or satin lip color and they happen to have a moment as well.

  11. Neon Lips 
    People like to experiment with their lips and this is not at all a bad thing. But wearing a neon lip color looks so unprofessional and overly aggressive. Try to avoid these shades when you are going for a job interview or a big meeting with your boss.

  12. Tooth Nails 
    All of us like funky manicure and some of the style go too far. One such style is ‘tooth nail’ or the practice of gluing faux molars onto your nails. This style looks creepy and gross but this is one of the recent trends.

  13. Glitter Face Masks 
    Face masks have become a social media sensation but mask made of unnecessary glitter is just a gambit for increasing social media likes. Use of glittering face mask is also difficult to remove and also one does not achieve any skin benefits from them.

  14. Household Items as Makeup Sponges 
    People felt the need for traditional makeup brushes and tools. You can choose a quality makeup brush or sponge which can be easily had in every household. Prior to use and after use keep them up in a clean and safe place.

  15. Hairspray as Makeup Setting Spray 
    Miracles can be done by setting spray by enabling your makeup to stay on for hours. Since the skin of your face is super sensitive, hope you will not wish to try the silly trends like the use of hairspray to set your makeup. Hairspray is bad for your skin and spraying is a foolish act.

  16. Wet Hair 
    Among the celebs and supermodels this look is great only for a moment. On an average person, this look shows that they are too lazy and also puts immense pressure on the stunning makeup and shows as if you have just stepped out of the shower.

  17. ‘Unicorn’ Hair 
    Recently there has been a trend of unicorn and these ways the world cannot perceive. The sparky lip gloss like the pastel-rainbow mane looks cheap. If you wish to have candy-colored hair, try a temporary hair dye instantly for a bright and of course not overbearing effect.

  18. Fake Freckles 
    Trend of the freckled face may be there at the moment but avoid copying the same if you have got a naturally freckle-free complexion. It is always better to own the skin you are born with.

  19. Squiggle Brows 
    You should never try this trend as it involves either to draw of use gel to manipulate your eyebrows into a pair of squiggly lines. You look great with lightest and thinnest of brows.

  20. Bad Hair Extensions 
    Use of hair extensions are not bad but they should not be visible. If the clip-ins are visible then obviously there is a difference in the volume where the natural hair ends and hair extension begins. Try to invest in a higher quality of hair extensions.

  21. Furry Manicures 
    If you think that you will look good by gluing fake fur to your nails then you are absolutely wrong. Use of fur is also bad for your hands as you are sure to have germs between them. Since the hand is used often hence this dirty fur manicure is a bad beauty trend.

  22. Baby Bangs 
    Super short fringe is unflattering and does not suit everyone. It is extremely hard to pull on baby bangs. It is extremely hard to pull it off unless you are a high-fashion model or have an unlimited budget for styling.

  23. Sushi Nails 
    South Korean manicurist started the crazy nail trend and this involves applying a mix of appliqués and nail polish. This gives a sushi roll look on the tip of your nails. Give your nails a new trend of sushi nails and make it a bit attractive.

  24. Glitter Roots 
    Glitter is messy and gives a messy look. For years you will find patches of sparkle on your skin after one application of gel-glitter root treatment. For that extra sheen look, try a glitter spray like IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray.

  25. Eyelash Extensions 
    Long eyelashes look flirty and attractive, eyelash extension is something which all of us will like to have. Try to apply a few coats of mascara which will appear to be more realistic and you can always prefer to have to cushion for any special event.

With the passage of time beauty fades away, but the terrible beauty trend will be live forever in embarrassing high school or college photos.


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