Universe Carefully Listens & Responds To Each Thought You Create

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Have you ever wondered how a handicapped person climbs Mt. Everest and how a roadside vendor turns into a billionaire? Well, the simple answer is that they gave powerful messages to the universe that they can and one day they will! This turns into reality for them.

There are simple laws on which the universe works. It only understands that which you are sending to it constantly. If you are constantly cheating around to get the assignments, then it is like sending message to the universe that I am not capable enough and so I need to cheat on people.

Researchers have found out that there is only and only one way in which the universe responds to what we deserve in life. Thoughts of negativity, jealousy, mistrust, hatred will only bring back the same results. Only that the place and or the timing may be different when we get the same response back form universe.


1.) Bless the Peons Around

  • From the moment you enter your professional premises to the last second, the peons in the office work for your comfort and wellbeing for those hours. Many a time we misuse and ill-treat them. It is like sending a signal to the universe that I am not worthy of respect and this is why I am unable to respect the others around me. Is it a very healthy thought to be shared with the universe? We always thought that thoughts are something very subtle and it is very difficult for someone to read our thoughts.


2.) How Can A Human Being Catch My Thought?

  • We are not just a physical body but a metaphysical being which has an innate ability to catch vibrations coming from the outside world. The word human being is made of two words human and being. The word human has been derived from the word humus means soil or mud and being means ‘energy’.
  • This is the reason how many times you feel a telepathy connection between your friends and family. Your feelings and energy are the first thing you share with someone when you come in contact with them.


3.) Love the Building You Work In

  • Many researchers in the west have conducted studies on the relationship between things and human beings. The things you carry with you or use for hours like your mobile phone, your laptop, PC, your music player, etc all play an important role in providing you the framework in which you can perform well.
  • Each time when your PC does not work, what is the first thought you create? If you normally condemn and criticize your machines then you will find yourself fixing your machinery very often.
  • The next time any of your gadgets are not working then pause for a second, instead of criticizing them just bless them first and thank them from the bottom of your heart for working day in and day out for you. Over a period of time, you will find that your machinery goes to the workshop for repair on rare occasions only.
  • But everything in life stars first with experiment. You need to experiment first and then find for yourself whether this science works for you or not.


4.) Thank and Caress Your Musical Instruments

  • If you are a singer then it is time you develop a positive bond with your musical instrument. Your musical instruments are like your mate. They are like your parents who take care of you and keep you nourished and provided for all your life.
  • We normally neglect the wear and tear of the musical instruments and delay taking them for repair. But this is like neglecting a family member of proper medical care!
  • These facts may sound amusing but they are true and hold a lot of significance in our professional growth.


5.) Forgive Your Colleagues As Soon As You Can

  • Forgiveness is like using perfume. You will get the fragrance first and the other person will experience it later. Can you really grow in an environment where you hold grudges?
  • But there is a rider here. As discussed earlier in the post, it is important that we forgive the person at a very subtle level. You can forgive someone on the face but it is very important that you forgive the person at the subconscious level and at the thought level just forgive the person as everyone is a human being can make mistakes.


6.) Love and Bless Each Cell of Your Body

  • Now, this is very important. From the time you open your eyes to the time you close them, each and every cell of your body supports you every second. Our body is the most neglected part of our life and this is the reason why we depend on medicines for the latter half of our life.
  • Most of the credit for an excellent professional life must go to the cells in our body. They are the life force which keeps the body going. From the time you get up, bless and thank each cell of your body.
  • Science has proven that our body has the ability to listen to each word we say. Each time we criticize our body, the problem tends to increase. The pain and hurt increase each time you criticize your body.
  • This is no surprise that today every third person in the age group of 35-40 has diabetes, thyroid, joint pain, etc. These problems arise due to lifestyle disorders.


7.) Come Out Of the Labels

  • We wear a lot of labels on ourselves and these labels do us more harm than good. Like for instance ‘I am an excellent manager’, ‘I am great at sports’, ‘I have inborn leadership skills’ etc these are some of the labels we get when we start working in an organization. But how we take these labels is very important.
  • There is always a thin line of difference between being confident and behind overconfident. When we are confident we think positive of our own qualities and when we are overconfident we start looking down upon others.
  • The moment you enter the office just remove the labels and then get to work. Legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan once shared that each time he is on the sets and has to face the camera he feels nervous and cautions when the director says the words ‘Cut’!


8.) Evolve A Prosperity Thinking

  • Affirmations like ‘money go out from my pocket even before I get my pay cheque’, or ‘I am always short of money’, these affirmations are like speaking to the universe that whatever the universe gives me is always very less and that I deserve just this.
  • This is like sending vibrations of thanklessness to the universe. Whenever we do this, we send the energy of negativity and this financial statement becomes true for us.
  • Instead, we must always keep in mind that the universe is listening to and responding to each and every thought I create and will revert back to me in the same manner.
  • Affirmations like ‘I am very prosperous’, ‘universe blesses me with the best in life, ‘I am thankful to each and every person around me who helped me achieve this progress in life’ 
  • IN no time you will see that you start receiving more projects and your financial strength will also increase as you have now started respecting all the entities of the universe who led you to this success.


9.) Discipline is the gateway to freedom

  • As already mentioned that the thoughts we create make a neural pattern in our brain. This neural pattern becomes very strong each day and this is how we develop our habits.
  • Now that we are in the process of interacting with the universe in a manner which is more thankful ad positive then there will be moments when it will be quite challenging to keep up with this habit of creating positive thoughts.
  • At this point, it is important that we stick to our routine of creating just positive thoughts. Any sort of challenge can be achieved in life only if we stick to our routine.
  • Disciple opens gates of freedom for us and we liberate ourselves internally from the old thinking patterns we have created in our mind. The moment we liberate ourselves, our mind is like a fresh fertile land which is ready for sowing any sort of fresh seeds of positive thoughts.


10.) Love yourself

  • At last, it is very important that even before we start loving everyone around, do we love ourselves? When we talk about loving ourselves then it is not superficial like spending money buying expensive stuff or indulging in eating whatever you like but it is more subtle.
  • When we love ourselves we give the time and space to ourselves to bring out the change we want, we develop the habit of speaking to ourselves and then taking decisions. It is like constantly speaking to an inner friend which is -YOU!


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