Use Colour Power To Beat Work Related Blues

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Colour Therapy for Models- How Models Should Select the Right Colours of Clothes

It is no wonder that you ordered a branded White shirt online but left the office wearing your old light Green tee! Our colour choices reflect a lot about the way our body is functioning and the signals our chakras are sending out. Also known as Chromotherapy, more and more people are fast relying on their intuitions to use colour as guards to keep themselves balanced, cool and positive throughout a hectic week.

Invest In Clothes Judiciously

As budding models and fashion lovers, you need to shell a huge amount of money in clothes. Then it is better you first understand the kind of energy you require. Whether you need patience as a fresher, if you need consistency with an ongoing project, if you are feeling dull and non-energetic due to stagnancy in market-you can always invest money in clothes of the colour that can complement you in your journey as a model. But understanding the power of colours and the impact they create in our lives is very important.

What Is Colour Therapy?

  • Colour, as we all know, is light of different wavelengths, which provides each colour with its unique wavelength and energy. Use of colour frequencies and wavelengths as a therapy for mental, physical and spiritual well-being dates back to thousands of years and has its mention in ancient cultures of India, China, and Egypt.
  • The energy of seven colours of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red resonates with seven energy centres or chakras of a human body.
  • Let’s imagine that our body chakras resemble a wheel. Each wheel needs to function smoothly in order that the entire body works in balance. Colour therapy helps to re-balance the chakras by using the power of each colour at the specific chakra of the body.
  • AS models and you must know that –Eyes/Skin absorb Colour of the outfits we wear
  • Studies prove that eyes absorb colours around us and so does the skin-it absorbs the colours that we wear charging our magnetic field or popularly known as our ‘aura’ and affects us in all aspects. Scientifically we know that each cell in our body requires light energy, therefore, colours impact each and every cell of our body.
  • Certain other studies also prove that colours when enter body activate hormones that cause chemical reactions in our body, influencing emotions and actually allowing the person to heal.


20 Amazing Ideas to Use Color Therapy for Your Workout Sessions and During Modeling Shoots   

1.) While Exercising

If you need a perfect body and are aiming at achieving your best in the gym then red is the colour you must have in your wardrobe.

2.) To Improve Recalling Powers (for dialogue delivery etc.)

Colour experts suggest that yellow helps us memorize facts. So put on a yellow skirt, a yellow shirt or go in for yellow accessories like a golden watch, etc.

3.) To Achieve Targets Objectively

If you are heading to an interview then you must have certainly avoided whites and must have a collection of blues.

4.) To Relax

If you want to relax for a certain while and many things are bothering you then green is the colour which will come with its energy packet of healing and curing.

5.) When You Want To Avoid Impulsive Eating

If cutting down on calories and losing weight is what you are planning then go in for white. Whites help us feel fresh, relaxed and cool checking the emotional outburst which gives way to impulsive eating.

6.) To Feel Confident

A combination of black and red can really charge your magnetic field with a lot of confidence.  Both these shades are associated with poise and self-assurance.

7.) To Ignite Creative Juices in Your Body

Take the purple lane! Purple is also known for spiritual reasons-it helps balance mind, body and soul thereby helping the person bring out his or her best creative side.

8.) To-Do Away With Lethargy

If stagnancy and lethargy are coming in your way then grab a few orange outfits and reflect a positive, bright and hopeful side of you to the world.

9.) To Remain Balanced and Calm

If you are undergoing stress due to any reason and have taken to medication too then a combination of green and blue will really help you remain focused, calm and composed.

10.) To Remain Focused

In case there are a lot of distractions at your workplace you need to stay detached then you must have brown outfits and accessories in your collection. Brown which is a darker shade of yellow will help you remain glued to your goals and targets.

11.) When you’re Feeling Really Depressed

Rely on your red shirt, red suit or red saree if you are feeling dull and depressed. You can definitely trust this colour to instil in you a sense of perfect well-being.

12.) If you’re learning a New Skill

A new guitar class, French class, dance session can turn really exciting and fun if you bring in a mix of pink and white. Not only will these shades keep you light and happy but will charge your energy area with patience so that you give yourself the space to learn that new art or skill.

13.) To Attract Success

If you have put in your best but not getting in the best results then green is certainly the colour for you. What happens when you stand in the middle of a beautiful green park and you see lots of colours and nature’s magical creations. It takes you to your spiritual center and you suddenly start feeling composed, happy, hopeful and fresh. So rely on the green to attract success.

14.) When You Need Divine Spiritual Powers

It is certainly purple. Purple connects us with our higher self, with our core and obviously with our intuition. Purple is also connected with one's psyche powers. In case your logical side is actually running the whole show and it’s obviously not going as great, then its time you get closer to your core, your center and get the divine directions and answers.

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